Getting Jiggy with It.

This past weekend I ran my 2nd 5k ever. I ran with my girlfriend Jessie, my cousin Josh, his girlfriend Julie and my Brother. Together, we ran the Irish Jig in East Grand Rapids (sponsored by Spectrum Health). Here are some highlights of the race.

The first time Jessie went 3 miles (good job babe! So proud of you! Woot woot!)

I ran the whole distance and in turn improved my time from my first one (I am still a sprinter at heart)

Starting the day off doing something healthy instead of sitting on my lazy butt

Seeing the sea of people when we were at the top of a hill (I wish I had a camera)

Witnessing all the “older people” out there still staying active (I want to be them when I grow up)

Doing something with people I enjoy being with

All in all, I am very glad I did the race and I did it with the people that I did it with. I plan to do at least 2 more races this year (it was my New Year’s resolution to do 3, so I am on my way!) and I plan to stay active. Here are a couple pictures we took pre-race:

Since we were already in Grand Rapids, Jessie and I decided to stop by our favorite tapas restaurant with my brother: San Chez Tapas Bistro. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with Green Sangria…yum


…and I am 22

Another February 28th has come and gone and now I am 22 years old. I know what you are thinking, I was not almost a “Leap-Year-Baby”, but if I was born 1 day later, I would have been born on March 1st (shout out to my cousin James!). Anyways…here are a few pictures from my birthday celebration(s). I was not able to celebrate much on my actual birthday because of silly exams (boo school), but I celebrated a bit this weekend and plan on celebrating this whole next week (Spring Break 2012).

Thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes! I have the best girlfriend (love you Jessie), family and friends!



On Saturday, my family took me out to dinner at The Knight Cap-a nice restaurant in downtown Lansing. Here are the beverages. Below is the food (#NomNomNom)


Jessie made me an Ice Cream cake! Cookies ‘n Cream & Mint Cookies ‘n Cream covered in Vanilla Bean! You should check her blog out too! Lots of delicious stuff!

The roomies got me this for my birthday! Thanks Josh and Brendan!

Jessie did cook me a quick dinner on my birthday in between her classes! Deeelicious! Look out Rachel Ray #20MinuteMeal #NomNomNom

Just for fun, here is my check-in on FourSquare. +14 pts. BOOM!

"How do you do that?"

- Prince Fielder

When the group’s batting practice ended, Fielder walked up to Miguel Cabrera and asked about the way he mashed to the opposite field.

(via bobbyaguilera)

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